Form in Place (FIP) Gaskets

Form in Place Conductive Gaskets:
Form-In-Place  ( FIP ) gasketsOur automated Form-In-Place gasketing process applies programmed conductive elastomer gasket beads on to metal or plastic substrates. These highly reliable seals can be applied to flanges as narrow as .035″. FIP process compensates for uneven surfaces and affords more real estate in your overall packaging design. The bead exhibits very good adhesion to plated metals, shielded plastics, stainless steel and vacuum metalized surfaces. Attenuation exceeds 75 dB between 200Mhz and 10Ghz.

Form in place gaskets Form in Place Environmental Gaskets:
Our automated Form-In-Place gasketing process also applies environmental non conductive elastomer beads to metal and plastic substrates. These form in place gaskets provide reliable environmental seals and have excellent adhesion properties. Beads are dispensed with robotic accuracy providing a highly conformable gasket and can accommodate various different height requirements.

Engineering Notes: We have the capability to do all in house tooling, locating fixtures and programming. Compression range is 10% to 50%, with 30% ideal depending on material. Bead diameters and placements are verified with vision measuring equipment. We offer a wide range of materials for form in place ( fip) gaskets including : silicones, urethanes, but will also work with any customer specified materials.

FIP UV Curable Gasket Video

Central Coating is now offering the latest generation in Form-in-Place (FIP) Gasket Application using UV curing dispensing technology. This process and material is used for sealing Plastic, Glass, Metal and Plated surfaces and enclosures. The dispensed gaskets acts as a moisture seal preventing air, dust, liquids, gaseous substances and dirt from penetrating the enclosure. The gaskets are cured in-line, increasing production speeds and turn-around times. These curable materials contain no nonreactive solvents and are silicone free! These materials conform to intricate channels and recesses.


Engineer’s Guide to Form-In-Place Gasket Design


Conductive and non-conductive Form-In-Place (FIP) gaskets are available in a wide range of materials and physical properties to meet your design criteria.  FIP products are dispensed with precision CNC machines using positive displacement pumps for excellent control of bead size, junctions, starts and stops.  Some of the design properties of FIP gaskets include:


  • Excellent shielding effectiveness (normally over 100dB between 200MHz and 12 GHz);
  • Small cross sections;
  • Accurate dispensing on small ribs and perimeter features;
  • Low closure force;
  • Excellent adhesion to most substrates;
  • Environmental FIP gaskets are far superior to die cut PSA gaskets.


FIP gasket binder systems are primarily silicone and fluourosilicone systems in a variety of durometers.  Curing cycles depend on the binder, and fall into three major categories:


  • Moisture cure;
  • One component thermal cure;
  • Two component thermal cure.


Central is also proud to offer Nolato Tri-Shield EMI gaskets.  By shaping the FIP gasket prior to curing, we offer 30% less material and lower compression forces.


While each material has specific design criteria, we can offer the following general guidelines:


  • All gaskets have finite properties of adhesion and compression, and vary based on composition, fillers, and binder materials;
  • FIP can be dispensed on ribs as small as .030” wide;
  • A typical gasket height is 80% of the gasket width (except Nolato Tri-Shield);
  • Compression stops are highly encouraged for best performance of any gasket;
  • Use care in selecting the gasket cure type on injection molded parts to avoid stress relief;
  • Aluminum parts should be treated with conversion coating (Mil-DTL-5541 Class 3);
  • Magnesium castings should have square ribs and receive a Dow 20 pickle or equivalent;
  • All parts should come to us clean and ready for the process, in packaging suitable for return shipment.  Exposed gaskets should be protected during shipment.


We welcome involvement as early in the design process as possible, but can respond effectively at any point in your product design cycle.  Please contact any of our Sales Engineers for prompt answers to your questions.


FIP Gasketing Utilizing Trishield® Technology

Central Coating is now offering the latest generation in FIP Gasketing using the Trishield® dispensing technology.

340-trishield-soft TriShield FIP Gasketing

The benefits of Trishield® include lower compression force, shorter production time and lower cost The newest material  is called Trishield Soft®, which is a modified version of traditional Trishield® gasket. It is co-dispensed with both conductive and non-conductive material. The technique, however, remains unchanged as a  precise string of electrically-conductive silicon rubber is dispensed onto a carrier and is then formed into the characteristic shape.

Central Coating employs a unique technology to apply the material in a triangular and wave shaped gasket.  Materials applied include silicone nickel, nickel graphite and soft nickel graphite. Trishield®Soft is available in gasket heights of 1.2 – 2.5 mm, and in a range of metal fillers including Ni/C, Ag/Ni or Ni/Al, depending on customer requirements. Application of these materials  results in up to 70% lower compression force and a low compression set.

Advantages of TriShield includes:

  • Excellent shielding properties – Up to 110 dB
  • Saves space on PCB by reducing the number of screws
  • Reduced over-all cost – Less machining, fewer screws,
  • thinner and more flexible covers



TriShield Cross Section TriShield Cross Section

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